The influence of cold plasma-surface modification on the grip of the electroplating finish to graphite composite and for its usefulness in soldering processes

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Zbigniew Zimniak
Zbigniew Mirski
Ireneusz Ciepacz
Kazimierz Granat
Tomasz Wojdat


In the article issues concerning preparing the surface of graphite composite before putting the galvanic copper layer and its influence on the soldering process were de- scribed in connections with metallic materials. To samples of graphite composite, of which the area was prepared with different methods, and in final processing using cold plasma, produced in the atmosphere of argon, galvanic a layer of copper was put, and then a research on the grip of the layer was performed to base material. The results were compared with earlier conducted endurance measurements of connectors of composite with the copper layer, soldered on softly with elements of the alloy of PA38 aluminium (6060).



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Z. Zimniak, Z. Mirski, I. Ciepacz, K. Granat, and T. Wojdat, “The influence of cold plasma-surface modification on the grip of the electroplating finish to graphite composite and for its usefulness in soldering processes”, Weld. Tech. Rev., vol. 90, no. 2, Feb. 2018.
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