Rotary friction welding of Al/Al2O3 Composites with Aluminium Alloys

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Robert Siedlec
Cezary Strąk


Friction welding is one of the most economical process for solid-state joining materials.
This technique allows to weld similar and dissimilar materials in a very short time. Friction welding of metal with composites gives new possibilities of application, due to the fact that materials have different physical and mechanical properties. In the study, aluminum alloy 44200 was friction welded to Al/Al2O3 composite. In addition, the following exam were used: optical microscopy, microhardness measurements and also tensile strength for all joints produced by friction welding. All of studies were performed to evaluate the quality of bonding aluminum alloy with metal matrix composite reinforced ceramic phase of Al/Al2O3.


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R. Siedlec and C. Strąk, “Rotary friction welding of Al/Al2O3 Composites with Aluminium Alloys”, Weld. Tech. Rev., vol. 92, no. 6, pp. 23-34, Oct. 2020.
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